All product benefits at a glance - Warming Drawers

User convenience

Wire rack

For even more space in the drawer

Up to 30% more space: food and crockery can be stored on two levels thanks to the wire rack.

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Features depend on model

Things worth knowing about Miele warming drawers

Perfect dining culture with Miele drawers

The perfect temperature for every dish

The success of a sumptuous and sophisticated meal depends on many factors: Fresh, premium ingredients, cooked carefully and gently. A festive table. And an appealing presentation of the dishes - as you know, we also eat with our eyes!

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Perfectly tailored to your requirements

Miele offers you three basic variations of built-in drawers - for different set-ups with different dimensions.

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Variety of sizes

The perfect partner for Miele cooking appliances

Select your Miele drawer from a wide range to match your other Miele appliances perfectly.

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